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Stockton Open House (5).jpg NAPW will continue our organizing and education actions until Northwell Health responds and ensures that no pregnant patient is again denied her constitutional and statutory rights as Rinat Dray was at Northwell's Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH). The hospital continues to defend its actions and thus far Northwell has failed to respond to the petition or announce what, if any, steps they have taken to safeguard the civil and human rights of their pregnant patients. Sign the petition (bit.ly/napwChange) and stay tuned for information about our upcoming actions!

Video now available: NAPW Webinar with Lynn M. Paltrow and Dorothy E. Roberts: "Overturning Roe: More than Abortion is at Stake"

On July 18, NAPW hosted a one-hour webinar with two leading legal advocates and scholars addressing the wide implications if the Supreme Court overturns Roe and where we might go from here.

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